Review - 2010 OFAH Convention

Only Fools and Horses Convention 2010

 RATING: 3/10

Yesterday (Hallowe'en), I attended the annual Only Fools and Horses Convention. This time, it was held at the Bunyan Sports Centre in Bedford, UK. The guests this year were (from left to right on the above photo): Nick Stringer (Jumbo Mills), Pat Murray (Mickey Pearce), John Challis (Boycie), Paul Barber (Denzil), Dan Peacock (Mental Mickey) and also five actors from the show's spin-off series Rock & Chips.

To be brutally honest, the entire day was a let-down. I waited for SIX hours (no exaggeration whatsoever) in the queue to receive autographs in a stuffy sports hall that reeked of sweat. People swore (including the members of staff!!) and the atmosphere made me feel extremely ill.

I was expecting to be back at home at around 3:00 in the afternoon, but due to the length of the queue, I arrived home at 7:15pm!

On the other hand, when I eventually got to meet them, the celebrity guests were very nice and talkative and they signed my books and pictures. Although, these guests were pleasant, I do not think it was worth it this year.

I think that this was the worst year and should not put you off, as 2011 (next year) is the show's 30th anniversary. OFAH staff announced that they will try their best to get David Jason and/or Nicholas Lyndhurst to attend and/or sign memorabilia.

SUMMARY: This year's convention was downright displeasing BUT next year's convention may be a lot better. I WOULD RECOMMEND that you get to the venue at around at least an hour before the opening time AND buy express tickets (although they are dearer) so that you can get the signings done more quickly.

George Sibshaw, head and founder of Comedy Corner UK.